Monday, July 11, 2016

Playing at Sandy Point Beach. Now I'm hooked!

A few years ago, I had a friend who made every Thursday in August her Sandy Point Beach day. I thought it sounded amazing but at the time we didn't have a car so the hour drive and there wasn't enough room for us to carpool with those going so that wasn't going to happen for us. But this year, I remembered how dreamy a beach day sounded and thought about Sandy Point. 

The girls LOVE the beach so they were super excited. And yes, it ='s technically a bay, but it's close enough to a beach and my kids didn't know the difference so we're going with it. There are hardly any waves so I'm not terrified of my kids being pulled out to deep water, my kids can walk out pretty far and still stand, and the water is warm! Yes, even in the last week of June!

Taryn practiced her swimming skills with her friend, Eva, and caught baby clams floating all around us. Haddie is super brave in the water and would often walk out into the water until she was up to her chin, still touching the ground, and would ride the waves back to shore. Both the girls had huge smiles on their faces the whole time. It was such a perfect beach day.

Brittany brought her twins and I got a glimpse yet again of how hard it would be to have twins. Brittany is amazing. I'm not sure how she does it! It's not easy being at the beach with one baby, let alone two! But we all had fun!

Haddie is my funny little girl who doesn't like to be dirty. So when she got out of the water, she requested to have a water bucket to wash off her feet :) Silly girl- but she was happy !

Taryn and Eva are like two little mermaids in the water. They love to swim around, try to do hand stands, collect clams and sea shells and splash splash everywhere. I love that they are getting older and able to handle themselves in the water.

We will be doing more beach days soon. Hopefully the weather will be awesome and breezy again for next time. 

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