Friday, July 8, 2016

Father's Day 2016 and another Tie!

I love this picture of Tyson with his two girlies. He is modeling this year's addition of the "Father's Day Tie." I think we've mastered the art of homemade ties and Tyson has mastered the art of tying them, which can be super tricky without messing up the pictures or art work. So next year, We are going to pre tie his Father's Day tie, then he will loosen it around his neck. This will be the perfect length for us to decorate and also allows Tyson to tie it without knocking off the crazy decor. It just keeps getting better each year and the girls love to make it! Tyson walked into ward council for Church on Father's Day wearing that tie and their was an audible "AWE!" from the members in the room. It's a fun tradition :)

Taryn wanted to make a special card for her daddy so I helped her a bit with drawing the tracing dots with some letters so she would know what to write. We're making big progress on our phonics, reading, and writing! She was super proud of her card and drawing (her and daddy at the park and a red slide)

We celebrated the day with mini sliders that ended up being not so "mini" - they were more like regular sliders and they were super yummy and very filling! When I asked Tyson if he wanted a special dessert, he responded, "Pistachios and Diet Dr. Pepper" :) So that's what he got! And some dark chocolate reese's peanut butter cups :) 

We are so grateful to have Tyson in our lives. He is a fantastic daddy and husband! We love you, Tyson!

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