Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Day 6 "Scott's North Trip" Badlands Scenic Outlook Byway & Wall Drug

One of my favorite pictures of these two in the Badlands.

The Badlands surprised me. It was so beautiful and it really felt like they came out of nowhere. The open land we drove through seemed to go on forever and then all of a sudden, we come across these beautiful formations and an almost Grand Canyon like gully. Along the scenic route, we would jump out and take a look with the family. It really is a sight to see 3 cars and an RV in a caravan!

Tyson and Jen's family

Nataleigh and Taryn

Cameron and Jana

Mom and Dad

Brooke, Cameron , and me


Cameron, Mom, Dad, me, Jana, Brooke, Jen, Kenzie and Margot

                                           And one of my favorite pictures of Brooke!

A scenic overlook. We could see antelope, bison and the beautiful valley below.

Taryn wanted to show her special rock she found

The RV cousins! I'm so tankful they had the RV to play in altogether during the trip!

All along our driving adventures, we would see old signs for Wall Drug stating, "Free Ice Water" and "Coffee and Donuts $0.50" It made me really excited to visit this place and see what all the 76,000 sq ft was about in the middle of nowhere!

There were tons of little eateries and shops selling fake gold, shiny colored rocks, western attire, lots of jackelopes etc… It was fun to explore! Taryn's dream! (And a parents nightmare because you could seriously get lost in there!)

After lunch, Grandma and Grandpa gave each child an envelope filled with $10.00 to spend on a souvenir. Taryn knew exactly what she wanted after spotting the shiny colored rocks. We headed back there and she filled a little velvet bag up with as many as she could and picked out a pink diamond about the size of her palm. She didn't let those out of her sight for days!!!

Hadleigh of course wanted the same thing so she picked out a blue diamond and two rocks that we made sure were big enough to not choke on. 

The free ice water was everywhere which was so great because it was the hottest day of our trip! The also claimed to have the best donuts and oh my…..they were simple and delicious!

The Rasmussen Family

I love Hadleigh's funny smile here and how all Taryn wanted to do was hold the horse reins!

Oh the jackalope!

When we made it back to Palmer's Gulch, we had Taco Soup in the main cabin and rested together. The picture below sums p how we ended each day… ready to go to bed and rest!

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