Saturday, July 18, 2015

Day 4 "Scott's North Trip" Devil's Tower National Monument, Wyoming and eating out with 23 people

First things first! Waking up bright and early to start our adventures for the day! We made it to the Busy Bee Cafe, a quaint restaurant, for breakfast. When the head waitress asked my Dad how many in his party, I think she about fainted when he said, "23." Then she said, "Oh! Don't do this to me!" and scrambled off. It was pretty hysterical after that. We all thought this lady was going to die trying to serve us. She made such a big fuss over it. We were all a bit nervous too because there was no where else in this tiny little town that would be able to provide us breakfast for the day. So I consider it a miracle that no waitresses (there were about 3 more who emerged to save us all) died and we all left full of good food. May I even add the the service was quick!!!!! The waitress came up to my Dad at the end at thanked us over and over again for being so kind and patient and understanding. I remarked that the food was great and service was FAST! Really, I couldn't believe it considering the fact that we took up all by two tables in the restaurant! 

Oh the adventures!!!!

Then it was off to Devil's Tower National Monument. Some of you might remember it's cameo in the movie "Close encounters of the Third Kind." Tyson was sure to watch the movie before we went on our trip! 

Gathering for a family photo is like trying to herd cats…..

But somehow we always get a good one (thanks Mr. Tri-pod!) with Devil's Tower in the background. It was the first National Monument! So amazing. 

We were definitely in the party car! Can't you tell?!!

We hiked around the base of Devil's Tower for about 45 min. It was a gorgeous day and everyone was happy to be outside together. The kids were jumping off and climbing on big rocks, while the adults caught up on life with each other. 

I have to say my mom was a champ! After double knee replacement surgery, she is doing amazing! She took to the trail and lead the pack with my Dad. Really, it's amazing to see her walking without a serious limp and to know that she is no longer is so much pain.

Cameron and Tyson Scott took mid way through find a nice boulder field and decided to see who could make it to the top and through a hollowed tree first. It was a bit scary to watch as they scampered over huge boulders and over fallen trees!

Jacob and Grandpa

The cutest pair.

Taryn was one happy girl out in nature and climbing on everything! Being with cousins was the icing on the cake. She had several cousins to follow and go off adventuring with! 

Hadleigh is such an easy going happy toddler. She is so much fun to be around! She made traveling easy.

After the trail, we headed to another one. This time it was Prairie Dogs!  They make the cutest little sounds, like those little electronic puppies in the toy stores that they put on display in the windows and then they flip. 

Aunt Brooke is a definite favorite!!!!

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