Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Day 3 "Scott's North Trip" Father's Day in Cody, Wyoming and seeing a first print of The Book of Mormon

Our Sunday started bright and early with a breakfast buffet at the Irma Hotel where, true to form, a glass of water was spilled. We can't make it through a family vacation without spilling at least one cup of water at a restaurant! Even in 1996 on our South Trip, water was spilled at almost every meal. Our Dad had just finished telling us that we need to be more careful as kids and stop spilling our water when he spilled his! I think it must be a tradition or something now! This spillage was in thanks to Hadleigh!!! She's got some quick hands! But she's not as quick as Cameron and Jana who dodged getting soaked! 

Taryn was so excited to eat breakfast with her cousins that we had to squeeze in an extra chair at the table so they could all fit around. 

It was Father's Day which is always fun to celebrate in a big group full of great men! We went to church in Cody, Wyoming where the famous Cody Mural Chapel is. The Chapel has a domed ceiling that "shows historical scenes from the first 70 years of the church." The museum also holds a first printing of The Book of Mormon (pictured in the case above, upper right corner.)

After taking pictures of the men and their homemade Father's Day ties before church, we took the opportunity to take a picture as a whole. Good thing Cameron and Jana brought their tri-pod. It was hysterical to watch Cameron run back and forth, missing the first dozen photos because he was trying to figure out the remote. The above picture just cracks me up. We were all laughing so hard at the spectacle. 

Then we finally got a shot!!! But Megan broke form too early which made us all laugh even more because she's the main photographer and broke the cardinal rule of not moving until all is said and done!

Nataleigh, Taryn (with a squishy toy in her mouth!), Berkleigh, and Quincy

All the cousins sitting quietly during Sacrament meeting coloring and playing together.

We went back to our hotel for a speedy check out (try like 10 minutes because plans had to be changed at the last minute) and a quick Father's Day celebration before we set out on the road for a long drive to our next stop. 

I love this photo! All of us crammed into our parents hotel room for the Father's Day presentation. I'm pretty sure all of our family trips have had moments like this! 

And like this! the last minute scramble, kids flying every where (top left), a little confusion, adults everywhere and kids looking for their parents in the jumble (bottom middle)

Grandma and Megan were prepared with daily presents for the kids on the long drives. These included collaring boards, books, glow sticks, glow in the dark jump ropes and frisbees (amazing for our nightly games!) etc….

Megan put together these books for each kid and then one for each couple. It was filled with car games, fun facts about where are daily adventures would take us, journal paper, and places for pictures (which Megan had printed up almost daily.)  We loved these books!!! When we went on our South Trip, we had similar books as kids where we wrote daily (or drew pictures) so we could remember what we did and where we were. We kept souvenirs , postcards, admission tickets etc…. I still have mine and it's fun to look back on!

Megan and David designed these fun shirts for the Reunion! Yup- that's my Mom and Dad on Mt. Rushmore! (no disrespect!) Each family submitted a few songs they liked from the past year or so and David complied them onto a zip drive where we also had the pictures added at the end of the trip!!! We rocked out to the music all trip long and it's always fun to try and guess who put which song on. 

Lots of driving and lots of driving activities!

Our first stop off the rode was to The Battle of Little Big Horn or "Custer's Last Stand"

We were told all about the Battle and we were able to see the place markers of where American soldiers and Native Americans had died on the battlefield. Below are pictures of us listening to the guide.

By the end of the night on Sunday we had made it to our next rest stop for the night and had a lot of fun playing together on the grassy patch in the middle of the parking lot. We ate pizza and chatted until late and then the mosquitos chased us inside! The kids (and some adults!) got out all of their energy  that was stored from the long drive by running around on the grass paling various games. Such a fun family memory. 

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