Monday, March 2, 2015

How to celebrate Taryn's "winter" birthday

Last year, we lucked out when it happened to be warm and sunny over Taryn's birthday. We spent the day in D.C. and it was great!  This year, both of our birthdays were filled with lots and lots of snow, freezing rain, and cold temperatures! So we tried to roll with it and plan her birthday with the snow :)

We went sledding at our friends house (thank you Lynne, Chris & Logan!!!) and had such a great time! The snow came on earlier in the day than we had expected so we sledded with snow falling around us. Taryn was brave and went 3 times with Tyson or me. We found out later why she wanted to stop so soon. That hill was steep and it scared her- although she and Hadleigh did really well. Actually, Hadleigh was giggling after we went on our first run!

There is a chain link fence that stopped us at the bottom. Sounds rough- but it wasn't bad at all. I think Chris and Tyson were the only two who really plowed into the fence. 

We spent the most of Saturday morning and into the afternoon (the day before Taryn's Sunday birthday) with the Haley family, drinking hot chocolate, talking, talking and talking, playing with nerd guns, eating mac and cheese, and meeting their neighbors from Italy. It was such a wonderful way to spend our snowy day. It was really coming down when we left. The snow just kept coming!!! So we pushed off our plans to go bowling because we were afraid of the weather getting worse. It was the best decision. We came home and watched a movie, ate pizza and just relaxed. 

Sunday was a great day to turn 4 years old!!!
Taryn loved her sprinkle "4" birthday cake that she requested and getting to open her birthday presents. Because her birthday was on a Sunday, she got a weekend full of birthday celebrations due to the fact that we would be at church all of Sunday. Primary sang a birthday song to her and we had Brittany and Seth (who's birthday was on Saturday) over for dinner and cake.

These purple fake glasses I found on accident were perfect for Taryn who asks to wear Tyson's glasses everyday. And now she is the fastest kid on the block with her new scooter!!

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