Friday, May 23, 2014

Picnic on a Saturday

We packed a picnic last Saturday and headed out ---really- has it been almost a week already since we went!!!??---Man, I blink and the week has already gone by! 
I just love that we can pack and picnic and feel like we are in the middle of the woods in a matter of minutes here. We've seen the most beautiful robins and blue jays recently. Thankfully, we have a tree outside our front room window where the birds like to stay so even if we don't get outside, we can still see those pretty creatures. Just the other night, we had a blue jay join us for dinner :)

We've also seen our fair share of bugs now that the weather is warmer. Like that time after we had been to the park, I loaded up the girls and hoped in the car only to feel something crawling on my arm minutes later. It was a big big brown big big spider!!! YUCK! I'm the spider killer in our family but even this one gave me the creeps. I just kept praying he would stay where we has on my arm and not bite me. Well, he crawled a bit (which TOTALLY creeped me out!!!!)  Thankfully there was a parking lot I could pull over to and flick that little guy off me. 

I love that the weather has stayed so great for so long (knock on wood!!) Taryn is always quick to suggest we go on a picnic (or an adventure, or to the park etc…)
Here's hoping we can have lots more picnics and lots of beautiful days outside!

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  1. I've never seen cheeks like those in my life! Makes me want to eat them. :) Hadleigh is getting sooo big! It seems like not too long ago she was born. Taryn is also turning into quite the girl! Oh the joys of motherhood! We're experiencing some of those bug problems with the heat and humidity. Running in the mornings is hard to avoid mouthfuls of insects and reminds so much of visiting my parents in Virginia!