Monday, May 12, 2014

"I love you THIS MUCH!!!" Happy Mother's Day!

At the end of the day, I told Tyson that it had been a WONDERFUL Mother's Day. 
It was simple and perfect in every way. 

Tyson lit up on Saturday night when he had picked the perfect thing he knew he wanted to make for me for Mother's Day. He asked where our Smith family cookbook was (I treasure that thing!) and got to work texting siblings, comparing recipes and preparing for Sunday with a quick walk to the grocery store to get brown sugar. I LOVE that we live one block away from the grocery store. 

I heard him and Taryn working on something just before bed time on Saturday night. I smiled because I  kinda knew just what they were up to but didn't want to spoil anything. Taryn came back to our bedroom where I was camping out, and told me several times that I was not allowed to come and see what they were doing. "No, no mom. Stay right there. You can't see. No, No." again and again. 

Tyson told Taryn that they were going to give whatever it was to me in the morning. That broke Taryn's heart and she would have none of it. "NO!!! We have to give it NOW!!!!" Moments later Taryn burst into the room and said, "Happy Mother's Day! We made this for you!!!! Because I love you." It was the sweetest card made of Taryn's two hands. She had carefully traced the words "I love you. Love Taryn" and helped Tyson cut it out. In between the two hands prints was a zigzagged paper that read "THIS MUCH." I love her tiny hand prints and that I got the biggest hug ever from her just before she went to bed. And I love that she couldn't wait to give it to me in the morning!

Tyson made breakfast in the morning - what we now call Cowboy scramble- Tyson's little creation. At Church I learned a few things about Mother's Day. Like the fact that it's Mother's day, not Mothers' because they wanted it to be more personal. And that we've been celebrating moms officially for 100 years now. I talked with some pretty amazing ladies and found out some other awesome ladies had just become mothers for the first time a few days prior. 

At home, Tyson got right to work making Congo Bars- think a perfect mixture of a brownie and a chocolate chip cookie. They were fantastic and I love that Tyson has so many family memories connected to them. When Tyson cooks, the kitchen fills with amazing smells and sweet stories of his past. 

We took a recipe suggested by my friend and made Chicken Cordon Bleu Past Bake. So incredibly yummy. It just won a "permanent rotation on the Smith Menu Planner" award. 

Our walk outside after dinner turned into meeting up with friends at the park in our backyard. We sat on the benches as our kids played and enjoyed the great weather and conversations. We made it back in time to enjoy a Gmail video chat screen with my sister serving a mission in Missouri right now. While they tried to set up the video call with the rest of the family members, my little family & I sat there talking to Brooke for a bit and got to see her beautiful face. It made me think of our nephew Jayden who is serving his mission in New York, and my parents in-law who just left that morning to train for their mission in Albania for the next 18 months. We are surrounded by so many great examples of those willing to serve. 

I ate my weight in delicious Congo Bars for sure ;) I laughed when in the middle of church Sacrament meeting, Taryn said loudly, "Happy Mother's Day, Dad!" And I loved that Taryn came into my room while I was making the bed this morning and said, "Happy Mother's Day!" When I told her that it was yesterday, not today, she said, "No, It's today! Happy Mother's Day!" and then gave me another huge hug.

I'm thankful for these two cutie patooties whom I love so much. Tyson and I are so grateful for all the wonderful mothers, grandmas, and sisters we have in our lives. We have been blessed to know so many great examples of devoted mothers. 
Happy Mother's Day!!!

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