Monday, May 19, 2014

A little gymnast

   We walked into the gym and Taryn said, "I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!" And she was off!! While I was trying to take my shoes off to sit on the mat for a brief informational meeting, I looked up and scanned the circle of kids and parents but could not find Taryn. Again- I scanned and scanned. Oh no. I looked around the huge gym to find her clear on the other side, already exploring the equipment. She was SO EXCITED! (oh boy!)  I waved for her to join us and she could hardly sit still.

   They broke up into little groups and Taryn was beaming from ear to ear the entire lesson. Watching her from the mezzanine, I couldn't help but smile watching her full of excitement with each routine. Gymnastics couldn't be any more perfect for Taryn. It was worth stressing over getting a spot- as Gymnastics is the most competitive class to get into of the County. I remember not sleeping very well that night, worrying I would sleep through my alarm and miss the 3 minute window of signing up Taryn. Yes- the classes fill in 3 minutes and then you're wait listed! It's crazy!! But it's not wonder- the program is so well run.


With only a few times under her belt, she is really enjoying her time at gymnastics and looks forward to it each week. One of the instructors was explaining to me why she felt Taryn was a good fit for gymnastics. She mentioned her exuberant amounts of energy and willingness to be turned upside down at anytime. When I told Tyson what she had said, we both laughed. Yup- that's our Taryn :)

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  1. I am doing this instructor class for yoga and both of those pictures are yoga postures! The first one is three legged dog and the second is down dog. She's a natural :)