Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Bright colors on a Wednesday

Today Taryn and I perfected the art of dancing in the car to music. 
Taryn can bust a move- that's for sure. 

She may challenge bed time now (we made it so long without this nonsense!) but she is pretty fun to be around. How is it that three year olds can make you laugh so much?!

Lil' T "Mom, my foot hurts."
B- "What happened to your foot?"
Lil T- "I broke it off."

Taryn "Wow! I never think of that!" (when I showed her a different way to do something)

Taryn- "Mom, what's a bridge?"
B- "It's something you use to walk or drive on to get over a road, a river, or someplace you can't walk  etc…
Taryn- "That's crazy."

This past week Hadleigh has been looking so much like a 1 year old. Maybe it's the fact that she's already in 12 month clothing when she's only 7 months old and that she just grew a few extra inches over night!

She may not be thrilled about me feeding her solids, but she loves to feed herself (or just lick all the chocolate off my granola bar)

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