Monday, May 5, 2014

Great Falls, VA

Great Falls

Two weeks ago, we drove up late Friday night to McLean, VA with my sister and brother in law so we could enjoy a little weekend getaway in the "country." They were house sitting and were allowed to invite a few guests so we were happy to join them. It's amazing how much your scenery can change in just 30 minutes. From busy city with tall buildings to never ending tall trees and deer. Virginia is gorgeous.

Great Falls was a perfect outdoor trail for our little family. Just long enough to make you feel like you are actually hiking, right next to the beautiful water cascading over the gigantic rocks, and flat enough for a toddler to walk and keep up with the group. There were plenty of rocks to throw in the nearby water too- Taryn's current love :)

These weekend trips are such a fun way to see more of the surrounding beauty that is Virginia. Adding the mix of a car show, good company, great BBQ hamburgers, and late night movies made for a memorable mini trip.

Scared of the giant bumble bees, Taryn covered her eyes saying, 
"I don't want the bug to go into my eye!!!"

Silly faces continued. And a limp fish Hadleigh who fell asleep during the hike.

Brittany & Seth coordinated everything for the weekend. We brought along some baked goods for various meals and enjoyed the conversations with all over the food.

Discussing life with Daddy. Always very informative.

A little Texas Sheet cake is good for the soul. 
Taryn was too busy running in the grass to sit all the way down to eat her cake. 

Antique Car Show

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