Tuesday, April 22, 2014

He's cooking!

Pastel de Papas


Personal pizzas

Milanesa & papas frittas

Milanesa & papas frittas

Tyson has been on a cooking kick lately and we're loving it (and our bellies are too!!) It's been fun to see his creative wheels in motion as he thinks about what he wants to prepare, how he will execute it, and then tasting the final product. I only help and provide tips along the way when he asks. Besides my little help, it's all him. My favorite so far has been the Pastel de Papas- so much flavor! I'm a lover of cooked onions in almost anything but I was surprised how much I liked the addition of olives. 

I love when he says, "Next time we'll try it like this…" or "What if I made ____ next time?" 

Can't wait for the next Tyson creation!

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