Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter 2014

Happy Easter!

Saturday Morning Easter Egg Hunt

Taryn rocked the Egg Hunt Saturday morning. I think she ate one piece of candy and then was done with her basket. She will eat her chocolate but anything else (sticky, chewy, hard, sour) is not an option for her. She may try it once (like the smallest bite) but once she has declared "I don't like that one," she won't go back to it.

Saturday afternoon we went to the National Harbor for the first time. Our main reason for visiting the day before Easter? The Peeps Store!!!! I was shocked when Tyson suggested this activity because he dislikes marshmallows. Taryn and I, however, love them! Tyson kept saying, "How can you NOT go to the Peeps store the day before Easter!" It was crazy to see how many flavors and sizes they have. In the picture above, we tried the Party Cake flavor. 

Easter Morning

I remember lots of pictures and home videos from Easter mornings past with me and my siblings sporting some great bed hair. It's just what happens when kids are so excited to see where their baskets are hidden. 

"She's not paying attention, I'll just grab that candy right there….."

We dyed a few eggs the night before Easter and Taryn fell in love with the whole process. We told her the Easter bunny would wait until they were dry, then hide them for her to find Easter morning. She was SOO excited the next morning to find all her eggs over and over and over again. I'm pretty sure we hid and found the same eggs of an hour or more that Easter morning. It's so fun to see her get such a kick out of a simple (but oh so fun!) game. 

We really enjoyed teaching Taryn more about Easter this year. We followed a 7 day outline of Jesus Christ's life from The Friend magazine, describing each day or events that happened in Christ's life. Taryn really got into the process (cutting out pictures, gluing them, listening to Daddy read the scriptures.) I'm grateful I get the chance to share with Taryn my testimony that He Lives! I'm so happy to have the knowledge of the Atonement and the joy it brings to my life. 
#BecauseofHim I have a greater understanding of my purpose on Earth.

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