Monday, February 10, 2014

She's a big kid now :)

How is it that in just one week, our Taryn could change so much? 
By Sunday both Tyson and I were marveling at the fact that she seemed to change over night into little woman. It's like she knows that she will be three years old in less than two weeks and wanted us to know what a big girl she's become. 

The biggest triumph of the past week was her becoming potty trained. We couldn't be more proud of Taryn and her determination, focus, and control. It was a breeze compared to the first time we tried a year ago (almost exactly!) and then again 6 months ago. 
She was just ready for it this time and it had to be on her time schedule, not mine ...i.e. wanting her potty trained at 2 yrs, or not wanting two kids in diapers!! 
We were all so very patient (yes- even me!) and the whole process was so so easy! I've taken mental notes on how to handle the whole potty training thing for next time. These poor first borns have it so rough! True "testers" of their parents' parenting. Maybe that's why they are so strong!!

Her patience with everything has increased and we feel such a difference in the day to day life, not facing as many battles as before (but don't get me wrong…we still have some!) She is a comedian and has a very strong silly personality that keeps us laughing. We are amazed at her abilities and new found willingness to try different foods and activities. 

I feel like I should wait to write all of this for her birthday but it's on my mind now and there's no harm in saying these things again!

We love our [not so] little girl so much!

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