Monday, February 17, 2014

Our 6th Valentine's Day Together

Valentine's Day!
We made Banana Pancakes, dyed red & in heart shapes for a fun start to the morning and we all made sure we wore some sort of red, pink, or purple (with hearts if possible!)

It was Tyson's 2nd day working from home due to all the snow we received which meant we were able to spend his lunch break together!

During Tyson's lunch break we made little Valentines for each other. Taryn was seriously overjoyed by the Valentine that Tyson gave to her. She held it like it was the most precious piece of paper and exclaimed, "Oh, thank you Daddy!!!!" while hugging it. 

Our good friends insisted we go out on a Valentine's Day Date!!!! Thanks to Lynne & Chris for taking our girls so we could have that time together (see- we're getting better at this dating each other!) 

I loved all the snow covered the grounds as we walked around after dinner.

Happy Love Day!

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