Saturday, July 6, 2013

The 4th of July

I felt like this year for the 4th of July, we had no idea what we were officially doing until hours before. For a week we worried about rain- but that magically didn't happen. Fireworks? Ya- we were going to play that by ear. But I was pleasantly surprised with how the day turned out.
Swimming and lunch at my sister & brother in-law's.  We had root beer floats and played Rummikub (bringing back a lot of childhood memories!) 

 Back at our house -
Tyson found some "snappers" (the ones you throw on the ground & they make a really loud "POP")  for $1.00 and introduced Taryn to them before we made our way to the real fireworks. 

We all share the red cheeks when we get hot. At least we weren't outside all day long. We probably would have been miserable messes if we had.
It was hot but as soon as the sun set, it was not so bad. So glad we didn't arrive to the Long Bridge Park in Arlington until around 7pm.

At this exact moment, Taryn exclaimed, "WOW!" as the fireworks lit up the sky. 

There were a lot of "greats" about the day but I think the best one would have to be that we took the day little by little, not pushing anything, and using Taryn as our "thermometer" for the day. No one likes to be too hot, too grumpy, or too hungry. That's one of the most valuable lessons I have learned as a parent these past few years.  Taking the day as it goes, not pushing too much (to the point of exhaustion or "melting Toddler") and enjoying the little moments (like the family next to us that brought bubble blowing guns- you are now Taryn's favorite)
Happy Fourth of July


  1. Miss you guys! Your 4th of July looked so fun!

  2. Glad you had fun! She is getting so grown up. I love the last 2 pictures. Very cute and artistic. Fabulous post as always.