Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Some things we've done lately- featuring Taryn

Learning how to pedal by herself 
(my back thanks her so...)

Coloring and coloring (yard sale treasure!)
She is obsessed with any mommy, daddy & baby trio. That day was whales, today was balloons. 

On rainy days, she makes her own music. Tyson asked me how I stand the noise and I said "It's better than any screaming or crying." 

Mommy daughter dates while daddy is gone. Movie & a treat!

And catching giant rain drops in our mouths. These summer storms have been unreal and very monsoon like. But at least it clears up the rest of the day and cools things down. 
*Notice the dry erase markers on the belly? And her "zebra" arm stripes. Oh boy ;)
(no- Taryn doesn't use a pacifier- she just likes to play with it)

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  1. We use washable markers on a daily basis around here. The kids daily color a mustache and beard, and Jordan does body art. Isabel tries to imitate him. It made me smile to see Taryn doing the same thing!