Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Adventures of B & Lil' T. Loving the holidays

We started off our Tuesday with some good ol' grocery shopping together bright and early. We raced home, got ready for the day and headed for the metro. I couldn't contain my excitement! I'd been talking to Taryn for days about the trains we were going to see and I knew she would love them.

Before we made it off the metro, Taryn was already starting to fall asleep. What? Super early nap time? So I went with it. She fell asleep before we got to the Capitol's Christmas tree. I had a little mommy break as I sat inside the U.S. Botanical Gardens admiring the beautiful plants and Christmas displays. My heart filled with such a strong happiness. I instantly became overwhelmed and grateful for what I have in my life. Those simple moments where I get to experience pure joy with my little toddler, being able to have a husband who wraps his arms around me and works oh so hard, and two big loving families (Smith's & Scott's) who have shown so much love for us.

 Fast asleep and so happy are we

 Washington Monument made of natural elements

 The Capitol

 The Library of Congress- close up- acorns, sticks and more! How cool is that!?!

 Homes on the Hill

 Dancing reindeer- loved these

Once Taryn woke up we entered the Train exhibit. Her little yelps of joy filled my heart with joy and brought big tears to my eyes. I couldn't help but cry as I watched her running around saying, "MOMMY LOOK!!!!! TRAINS!!! OHHHH!!!! TRAINS!!!" 
over and over again as she ran about the place. She was so incredibly happy and so was I. I think I cried almost the whole hour we were there. My little girl is getting to be so big and being able to experience these special moments in life with her are the best. 

 Pure amazement on her little face!

On our way out, we stopped by the "BIG TREE!!!" in front of the capitol building, shared cheese sticks, granola bars, an apple, and gold fish crackers. The seagulls nearby squawked as Taryn said goodbye when we headed for the metro.

Oh, she's awake. Mommy just needs to learn a new word for taking pictures besides "Smile!" Cause this is what I always get!

We ended our day with books, movies, and magazines loaned from the local library. We even got on the swings for a bit at the park across the way in the frigid night air together before going home. When we arrived home Taryn dug through my huge library bag packed with books & movies- finding just what she wanted. She loves the library so much- "Books! mommy! Books!" And I must mention that this girl ate So much for dinner that night too. I am one very happy mama!
The little video from the exhibit below!

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