Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Eastern Market for the Holiday

Saturday morning brought us to the Eastern Market to peruse the market in search for a unique D.C. ornament to add to our tree (no luck!) and maybe something special for Taryn. We had another super yummy lunch at Market Lunch (we love their fish and we have plans to take all our visitors there!) and found the cutest finger puppets for Taryn. Taryn danced along to the live band playing fun music and spotted several Santa's walking the streets. This little girl became very concerned every time Santa walked away saying, "Santa! Where you going?!!!" yelling on the top of her lungs. As long as Santa is at a distance, we are golden. But I am not even going to attempt to have her sit on Santa's lap this year, knowing that she won't even make it without bursting into tears. Maybe next year, right?

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