Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A holiday weekend with three. Trains, gardens, trees, and lots of hot chocolate!

I love this new family picture! It captures what our whole weekend was about. Being together as a family in D.C. for the holidays. We kept talking about how perfect this weekend was and how much fun we were having. I am so glad we had this time together to enjoy before Taryn and I left for California the following Monday.

We took Tyson to see the trains at the US Botanical Gardens. Taryn loved it all again and enjoyed running around with Daddy showing him all the "Trains!" Seeing these two together was the best part of the weekend.


We said hi to the ducks and seagulls again. Taryn was a champ all weekend long as she napped well in her stroller multiple times a day. It's exhausting to run around seeing trains, chasing seagulls, and dancing to music as a little babe! She fell asleep just as we arrived at the White House to see the National Tree. It was beautiful and again, there were trains! We almost woke up Taryn to see them but knew we would probably see them again next year (?) Each state has a mini Christmas tree surrounding the national tree. We spotted many with beautiful handmade ornaments kept in protective plastic bubbles. I cried as we passed the Connecticut tree. There were little teddy bears placed at the base of the tree, little letters of love, and signs. I cried all weekend long every time I saw more news about that tragic event. I can't even begin to imagine what it would be like to go through that as a parent. Our prayers are with those families.

Again, this simple weekend was just so great. We loved being together in this city that we've made our own with grand adventures. Being bundled up, sipping peppermint hot chocolate (multiple times!) and having my two favorite people by my side was wonderful! 

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