Monday, June 27, 2011

An Off-beat day

Yes, baby girl, I know how you feel.

Today was one of those- everything that could have gone wrong did- crazy hot... why do I live in Arizona again?- I can't believe this happened-horrible, no good very bad day (name that book).

After getting ready and having breakfast, it was time for me to do what I hate doing most.
Take Taryn to get her shots.
I just hated the thought of a crying unhappy baby. In line at the Shot building, paperwork filled out, I turned to the lady next to me and said, "OH NO!" She gave me a worried look- sensing something was wrong with her mom radar, and I quickly got out of line and headed back to the car. Taryn hadn't taken any Infant Tylenol and I knew this day would be a busy one and I wouldn't have time to head home right away to give her some after.
I drove down the street looking for a CVS/Walgreens. How is it that while I am driving any where else I see those stores on EVERY corner. But when I need one fast...there's none. Finally- a grocery store!
Hungry baby. I had everything timed. But I didn't factor in the medicine detour. So I resorted to feeding Taryn in the grocery store parking lot. Good thing our air conditioning is super fantastic and it was nice and cold in the car. Into the store we went to get medicine, gave it to Taryn and back to the Shot building we drove. Quick detour to pick up things we had left at my sister-in-laws and then on our way.

The Shot building was closed for lunch. Seriously? Did they not know what I had just gone through? Did they know how hot it was outside? Luckily there was a small company operating in the foyer right outside the Shot place so it was nice and cool. This is where I sat and waited. Why did I wait? Because there was one hour before the Shot place opened and one hour left before my doctor's appointment a couple miles away. Good thing about this break...I was able to talk to Tyson on his lunch break (yeah! A plus for the day!) and I also had the afternoon Soap Opera to keep me entertained (I do not get what people see in those shows..blah!) By this time I knew this day was over. But it keeps getting better!
Normally people are only allowed 3 strikes and then their out. Not me. I like to go big or go home. I'm early for my doctors appointment. I was a little happy about this though because on the drive there I passed a wonderful gelato store They have always been out of my favorite flavor so I knew going in the middle of the day would guarantee I would get it. What a perfect way to waste 10 minutes. SAVED BY A NICE COLD TREAT....or so I thought. Monday just happens to be the day they are closed. Bust.

Went to my doctors appointment, saw a friendly face that made me smile, and guessed it...back to the Shot Building.

Got there. Baby crying cause she was done with the car rides. Yes- Open! Paper work ready, baby doesn't know whats going on. Mommy is bracing herself... Lady who is to inflict the pain on my precious girl asks me to hold her down. Taryn starts crying even before the shots. She knows whats coming. Shots are given and baby is furious and hurt. My poor girl. . Bad news...I know she is going to fall asleep before we get home but her diaper is WAY FULL. Crying baby + changing a diaper= angry baby/mean mommy. After trying to change a screaming baby, I walked out of the restroom to women and children looking my direction. I could read their thoughts. If only they knew the whole story.

Done.So done with the day. I would consider it a miracle that I am in a good mood. I think I gained a lot of perspective from church yesterday that made me think differently about crazy little things like this. So why do I share it? Because I think it's hilarious. How many of us have had 100 days like this. Where all you want to do is go back home. You can call me a first time mom...because I am. I am learning as I go. And you know what... it's kinda fun!


  1. sorry about a busy crazy day, but a really great thing is your baby won't remember any of this and will love you still. its when they start remembering things is when the shots are thee WORST.

  2. The sad thing is there will always be days like this. The good thing is, there's more good days that a few bad days sprinkled in won't seem so bad. Even though she's a baby, Taryn's still a little person with her own personality. It gets more fun the more personalities you add to the mix. Sometimes I feel like everyday is an uphill battle with four kids. I count down the hours until 8pm (bedtime) and enjoy the calm before the storm that will become the morning. Just think of this as preparing you for when you fly across the world next month.

  3. I like that you go big or go home sometimes that's all you can do! I love the first picture of Taryn super awesome :)