Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The 8th to Graduate

This hot little señorita, who happens to be my sister, the youngest of 8 Scott kids did something great yesterday. She graduated from High School. But not just any high school. Laguna Hills High School - LHHS- GO HAWKS! Do you know what this means?
The Scott's have ended their 21 years at LHHS. All 8 children graduated from that high school. Is it crazy to think how rare that really is!?! She is loving being a BYU Summer student and can't wait to start a BYU-Idaho soon after that.
Remembering back to high school got me thinking about what all of us had done there. Participating in student government, sports, theater, photography, art, dances, assemblies etc....
High school was a very fun time in life. I am glad that the time has past for me but I will always remember LHHS with fond memories.
Congrats Brooke- way to finish up the dynasty! :)

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