Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Leaving France, now onto Switzerland!

My sister Mackenzie as transferred to Renen, Switzerland. This means, with her mission being split and changed and disolved (Lots of changes!), she will be in the Lyon, France mission for the rest of her mission (as it is renamed) and she has the Murdocks for her mission president/wife still! She has been in Grenoble, France for a long time and she is excited for the change and to be a Senior Companion. She is totally looking forward to her new companion with whom she has done exchanges with. They are opening this area together for the Gospel to be heard and it's so exciting!
Mackenzie said she was glad she was able to stay in Grenoble for so long because this last transfer was very successful! She leaves many "amis" (investigators) for the next companionship to work with and a baptism as well (hopefully many more too!)

Though her mission is hard and there are times of frustration, she has always been able to stay positive. I admire her for her hard work and dedication!

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