Monday, June 6, 2011

Free is Best

The craziest indoor maze I have ever seen behind my two loves

We were told that on the first friday of every month the Phoenix Childrens Museum does a "Free" night. Entry for adults and children is free and that means tons of people taking advantage of the loads and loads of fun there. I . COULD. NOT.STOP.SMILING!
The best place for children (we were even debating if it was better than disneyland for kids under 5) As adults, we were laughing and playing and having a blast. You think a children's museum has to be only for kids? No way- these people know just how important it is for parents to have just as much fun too.

I can't wait to take Taryn back when she is old enough to walk and really experience the fun.

Wall of shoes- certain rooms require "shoeless" activity. Way awesome

The Noodle forest (pool noodles hanging from the sealing). This was my favorite. And Taryn was kicking and trying to touch the noodles as we tried to make it through. OH.SOOO. FUN!
This was one of many "Baby Zones" complete with nature sounds, soft toys, and sleep cushions. She was relaxed and comfy (crossed feet- so cute!)

Another "Baby Zone"

Tyson is wearing a father's day tie Taryn made him in the Craft room. They have a giant Castle in the room that kids can paint, and paint, and paint and paint. I love that they just let the kids be kids. Such a unique "Museum"

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