Monday, May 16, 2011

Surprise Party

Tyson will turn 24 after we leave the U.S.A for Thailand and Italy so I wanted to throw him a surprise party to celebrate with the long time friends we have in Arizona. A alot of our friends were planning to move or go on vacation as soon as finals were done so we had to squeeze the party in on the last day of finals for ASU and two days before Graduation.I was planning for 2 1/2 weeks and managed not to spoil the surprise! (Combo party- graduation, birthday, and good-bye)

Pictures below are some of our good friends.

The Boushley's live a couple of doors down from us and I used their house to stash all the party stuff.Taryn was very scared and started crying when we turned out the lights for the surprise. Maybe it didn't help that she was being held by someone else... "not da mama".

Thanks for helping us celebrate Tyson!

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