Monday, May 9, 2011

I am a Mother!

My first Mother's Day was amazing. The morning started out so great and the day just continued to be that way.

These beautiful spring colored roses were picked out by Tyson. I love how they brighten our apartment

Because of this angel, I am a mother. And I love being her mother.

Tyson made THE BEST Egg Muffin Sandwiches. Layers of egg, canadian bacon, and cheese...oh and Tyson added his signature touch. A thin layer of cheese between two canadian bacon pieces- to melt the cheese perfectly. Delicious.

There is this book that I heard about one day while driving and listening to NPR. It's called Cinderella Ate My Daughter. They interviewed the author and I just laughed! I thought it sounded like such an interesting book. I told Tyson about it and even shared thoughts about it with family. I just finished reading What Einstein told his Cook and talked to Tyson about how I would like to get that book someday and read it. For Mother's Day, Tyson purchased the Book on his Kindle so we can take it to Italy with us ( so I don't have to take a big heavy book on the plane with me) What a perfect gift! It was a total surprise and very thoughtful. Tyson made me feel so very special.

The day finished with a great dinner. Tys made a delicious Strawberry Limeade from scratch (making his own strawberry sauce and everything) and a yummy salad. He does so much for me and I know that I am a lucky girl to have him. What a wonderful Mother's Day

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  1. Brianna, I love that you listen to NPR too! I'll have to check out those books!

    Happy mother's day!!! Taryn is just so darling!