Monday, May 2, 2011

Family Fitness

We went to a Ward Activity on Saturday at the park. It was all about Fitness and Fun. I tried my hand at the hulu hoops thinking I could pick it up easily after years of not doing it....

ya no. In my defense, this hulu hoops were tiny! Or maybe I've just lost my groove.

Tyson, however, had it down. He had all three hulu hoops spinning at once. Yup- he's pretty rock awesome.

Then there was the "missionary relay" where you had to dress up with a shirt, tie, shoes, and pants and race back and forth with a partner- switching clothes as you finished.

This was hilarious to watch them try to beat the other team

I think this is when Tyson realized he was wearing a girl's shirt.
Looking very snazy

This little girl was all tuckered out after. She was perfect at the park and was loving all the action. I put her on this blanket and she was talking away. As I talked back and smiled at her she started to fall asleep. Pretty much the cutest thing ever.

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