Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Sunflower fields in August

This day was such a strange one weather wise. It was August and COLD! You'll see my girls in their sweaters and I believe it started to drizzle as well. 
We took advantage of this day before our kids started school and where the weather was fantastic for the time of year and went on an adventure!

It's always fun to adventure with friends and this time was no exception. We had so many friends wandering the fields and bouncing around on the blow up slides and jump pillow.

On this day, I was reminded how important it is to teach our children to be light a sunflower, turning towards the light, growing tall and strong. I love that so much and I hope my children emulate sunflowers in their life. 

Taryn loved the chalkboards that you could write on and take pictures with. 

We took home some flowers from the fields and stopped off at a "Swig" like place called Cookies and Cream in Haymarket, VA. It was fun to snack on cookies and sip some Dr. Pepper with coconut & heavy cream but I have to say that my kids were totally wild at that point and were more concerned with playing on the playground than telling me what kind of cookie they wanted. So there were some complaints but I pt my foot down and we made it through!
P.S. I was shaking hours later with how much sugar I had eaten - wow! There's a reason I don't like drinking soda much!

It was at this outing that I was reminded again how amazing the women are that I get to be friends with. It really is fun to gather together, chat about life and enjoy some treats together. It's a total plus that our kids love to play together too ;)
I know that I'm really lucky to have these friends in my life!

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