Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Berry picking at the Farm

I was so excited to pick berries with Taryn and Haddie for the first time. We've picked apples and pumpkins before, but there was something about the berries that made me even more happier to pick. Maybe it was the fresh jam I kept dreaming about. Or the possibilities of the yummiest cobblers and pies. 

Turns out, Taryn is an amazing berry picked. You give that girl a task, such as only picking the ripe berries, she will do that task to a "T." She picked every berry in sight and gave tips to the other kids and adults as to which berries were ready to be picked :)  Her goal was to fill her little basket up to the top and that she did. 
I really admire that quality about Taryn. Setting out to accomplish something and doing it with gusto. Love her so much. 

Haddie did a great job at grabbing all the berries at her height level, occasionally asking for help in reaching the "good ones!" She had a lot of fun with her little friends who were there too. They ran up and down the fields and picked a lot of fresh berries. I loved that they shared berries between their baskets as well.

A job well done!

Look at that face! Pure happiness!
I loved the joy that Haddie expressed with every discovery of a new berry that was ready to be picked. "I found an-otter one!" said in the most excited voice ever. And she would wipe around with the biggest smile looking for me to approve of her picking.  

She was a girl on a mission! She wouldn't let me distract her and she wouldn't leave the fields (to have the basket weighted) until she had picked every last berry in sight. 

I think we'll make a tradition out of berry picking. Next year we will pick a day that's not so hot!
Our home teacher came over and gave us homemade challah bread just days after our jams were made. So we swapped a jar of jam for a fresh challah loaf. It was the best combination! 

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