Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Scott Family Reunion Adirondacks -Last day on the lake

On our last night to sleep at the lake house, Taryn came up to me and asked if we could go out for one last kayak ride before having to leave. She wanted us to wake up super early before everyone else would be up. I thought this was a great idea! 

So I woke her up super early and without hesitation, Taryn was out of bed and getting her life jacket on. We went out on the kayaks with our pajamas on. 
It was so peaceful, quiet and calm on the lake. All you could hear was the lapping on water on the side of the kayak and a few birds singing in the sky. 
Taryn and I chatted for about 30 minutes as we circled the lake and explore what Taryn called the "Haunted house" across the way that looks as if it's been abandoned for quite some time.
It was such a special moment for us two. I don't get one on one time very often with Taryn, specially during a busy family trip, so I savored this moment with just the two of us. 

Here is our long caravan on to our next destination. 
Church History Sites!

On the way, we took a lunch break and ate all the remaining food we could from the past week of meals prepared by so many loving hands. My siblings came up with fun and delicious recipes to share with us all. The food is always a big plus for me on family trips! 

While packing up, Haddie took the time to take selfies :)

And while driving and watching some videos on my phone to past the time, Berkleigh and Taryn left me this gem :)

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