Thursday, October 12, 2017

Day 6 The Scott Reunion Adirondacks

Those fun filled cousin days are the best. Where the kids are running around inside and out, exploring and playing together, making their bonds stronger. I love that at times Tyson and I would ask, "Have you seen our kids lately?" Certain they were off with their cousins, and they always were. 

While at our cabin site, we took advantage to play games, making them up on the spot, or resorting to our favorites like Rook, Heads Up, PIT and so many more. 
This was Balcony Volleyball. The rules changed frequently but that's what everyone loved most. At one point, it was double balcony volley when the littles found a way to get to the top balcony. 

I loved how much the older cousins helped the younger. Family creates this bond that you can't deny. 

Little silouhettes against the most gorgeous backdrop. 

They look like angels here

Family Photo time!
You wouldn't know it but David had just returned from the ER after his throat almost fully closed up on him over night. He struggled to breathe and felt very sick. The night before, David whispered, because that's all he could muster, that he would like a Priesthood blessing in the morning. We had my Dad, Cameron, Tyson, Seth, Smitty, and Cody. The next morning Smitty and I were woken up by Megan early early in the morning. Dad and my brothers had gone fishing super early and David needed a blessing because they had to get to the ER fast. So Tyson jumped out of bed and with Seth and Cody, gave a Priesthood blessing of healing to David. I'm thankful that Tyson keeps himself worthy and always ready to give a blessing. It's great to be in a family with so many wonderful men who hold the Priesthood. 
David returned feeling better and with medicine, which was a big relief. 

Mom and Dad- the ones who started it all!

Cameron, Brittany, Brianna, Brooke, Mom, Dad, Mackenzie, Megan, Tyson
(Ashleigh- the only Scott missing- and her husband Roger with their 3 children Kaleigh, Emma and Emily did not attend this reunion) 

All the ladies (missing Ashleigh)
Mackenzie, Jen (Tyson), Brooke, Jana (Cameron), Brittany, Brianna, Megan

All the men (missing Ben and Roger)
Seth (Brittany), Tyson 0r Smitty (Briana), Cameron, Dad, Tyson, Cody (Brooke), and David (Megan)
-Ben (Mackenzie) was in Singapore finishing up the work he had to do there before returning to the States after 1 year abroad with Mackenzie and Margot. 

A spontaneous family cheer tunnel is always a good idea. 

I've tried to capture at least one picture of each couple together throughout these blogs posts of the Scott Reunion. I love this one (and Berkleigh!)

Just too precious! Haddie talks about Quincy all the time. 

Love those curls and blue eyes!

I love that there are so many in our family who take the time to take photos not only of the people but our beautiful surroundings when we are together. Jana, Jen, Megan and Brooke grab the most beautiful photos of people and places. Like Lake Powell... which is my favorite spot in the whole world. This captures just how serene our campsite was. 

We played Heads Up for a good long while until my phone died. Thankfully someone else had the app too. Endless fun- especially watching the videos of everyone acting out hints afterward. 

The only way I could get the girls to agree to a photo was by doing a funny face first. It worked, and I got one of the only Smith family photos of the trip. 

This jacuzzi was a hot spot for the kids during the day and a great place at night for the adults. Except when the lighting struck and it freaked all the adults out. 

Some of the relaxing moments we spent were in the Adirondack chairs. Now we've promised ourselves that when we own a home, we will have these chairs on our lawn. Forever in love with the Adirondacks and the Adirondack chairs :)

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