Sunday, October 23, 2016

Work, play, and everything in-between

Taryn had Columbus Day off, and a few days before that for parent teacher conferences so we lived those days to the fullest! We made it to the Zoo with friends and played a lot outside in this gorgeous fall weather. I love that every time we go to the Zoo we see a new animal. This time we saw a beaver!

Tyson texted me and asked how the Zoo was going. I responded with this group Selfie with Lindsey & Celia and with the caption, "GREAT!" Always fun to be in good company. 
Once Tyson found out we were heading to the zoo that day, he called and asked if I wanted to meet up for lunch. His work is super close to the Zoo (remember how he was able to arrive so quickly when Taryn fell and got a hole in her head last time we were at the Zoo?!) 

The girls and I love meeting Tyson for lunch. This time we introduced them to Panas, an empanada place Tyson and I had gone on a date to. The girls loved the empanadas and were super adventures trying the different dipping sauces and various flavors of empanadas. 
Way to go girls!!! It's always sad when Daddy has to go back to work and we have to say goodbye. Driving in Dupont is not my favorite, especially at lunch time, but with our team work of "find a parking space", it's never that bad. 

I remember when we bought those little boots for Taryn a few years back. It's like DejaVu seeing Haddie with them on. That sweater, her hair  and that same park too! They look so much alike that the age of 3 yrs. 

Taryn is doing so well at Soccer. We love watching her and cheering for her. We're working hard on teaching Haddie the concept of cheering for Taryn and playing after at the park. It's a hard concept, which I totally understand. I just wish the park was closer so I didn't have to always go up with Haddie and miss being on the sidelines to watch Taryn. We may have to bribe her with our phones and a promise of lots of park play after the game is done. 

The cutest little puppy and a green Fairy.

Our neighborhood does a fantastic "Boo Ha Ha" fall festival. The girls had their faces painted (it's amazing!!!!!!), they jumped in bounce houses, ate popcorn, decorated mini pumpkins and took a hayride with Tyson. Taryn stayed in character for almost the entire time that face paint was on her. She and Haddie cried so so mdWe saw lots of our friends there which always makes the activity even better. 

If you give Tayrn anything to write with and a surface to go crazy on, she will write the Alphabet and her numbers up to 20. She LOVES learning  new words to spell and has really gotten into coloring since starting Kindergarten. 

On Sundays we take our family walks around beautiful Virginia . This walk was at Green Springs Gardens in Fairfax, VA. It was a perfect place for a peaceful Sunday walk. Gardens, ponds, animals, butterflies and lots of running space for the girls. We toured the manor on the 31 acres that was first used as a Tobacco farm. I love the rich history in the area!

Last week was my last week of working nights in a bakery. It's sad to say goodbye to something I love but I have to admit that sleep is calling my name! I feel that without these 2 years of working nights in a candy shop and 2 bakeries, I wouldn't be where I am today and I wouldn't have enough confidence to start my own business selling cakes. I'm excited to start this next chapter of my life and learn along the way. This week is already filled with 5 cakes! Woohoo!!

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