Sunday, October 9, 2016

Hadleigh turns 3 years old!

Our Haddie is 3 years old! This past Monday we celebrated her birthday as a family in the morning with the traditional birthday cake send off! 
Best way to start the day!

Taryn was such a wonderful big sister the morning of Haddie's birthday. She & Haddie woke up at the same and the first thing Taryn said was, "Happy birthday, Hads!" Hadleigh was all smiles after that moment. Taryn kept asking Haddie if she was excited to go downstairs and eat cake and open presents. She was helpful in distracting Haddie while I finished making the eggs and putting the candles in the cake. 

Haddie said, "I a happy birf-day gurl" and "it's my golden birf-day!"

 I made her an Ombre pink drip cake. Two new techniques I haven't tried before but were super fun! I love how it turned out and would do both techniques again. I can definitely perfect them. 

Haddie got right to playing with her new birthday toys and loves them so much. Her little hands have been clenching some kind of little toy every moment of every day this week!

Hadleigh has been wanting a Tea Party for such a long time. She talked about wanting to have animal circus crackers (the frosted kind with sprinkles of course), having her little friends over, and using tea cups. It was the perfect theme for a 3 year old obsessed with everything glittery, twirly and princessy. 

The girls were encouraged to wear princess attire ... i.e...a twirly dress, princess shoes, a tutu, or jewelry. There was lots of excited squeals as the girls arrived. they all danced and twirled to Disney princess music  for about 10-20 minutes.

I just can't get enough! Look at the excited little girl! 
Once the girls spotted the tea sets on the table, they were hooked. They sat at the table so happily as if they've known all their lives what to do at a fancy tea party. She helped pour "tea" (otherwise known as her favorite "red juice" crystal light) for all of her little friends. They sat so daintily at the table, holding their tea cups. It was such a fun sight to see. 

We had little cupcakes with pink buttercream frosting and little crown molds on each. Haddie later told me that her favorite part of the day was blowing out the candles. She got to do it many times that day.

It's the sweetest when your child is being sung to on their special day. 

Haddie and her berry filled plate and her little friend, Gwen. 

The spread. We kept it very simple with fresh berries, Macarons, cupcakes, frosted animals crackers and marshmallows. Can you say sugar coma!??
The purple bags were little favors - a little tiara, a beaded necklace and a wand each child created on their own.

I love this and she did too!!

This is the girls making their wands. They carried them around and danced to even more princess songs with them. 

The "Princess play dough" was a big party hit (thanks Olivia!) All the girls joined in, which meant grabbing lots more princesses  and play dough. They played so sweetly for about 20 minutes before their moms came to pick them up. 

Seriously one of the easiest and most successful birthday parties I have done. I loved these happy little girls and their love of princesses. They all looked so adorable twirling and singing to "Frozen" songs. 
I'm so glad Haddie has these cute friends to play with! 

Our friends the Plowmans gifted Haddie some books, hair clips and this Elephant mask which made it's appearance on several walks we had to and from school recently. 

We love our silly Hadleigh who is so full of love, kindness, determination, will power, and laughter. 

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