Thursday, September 22, 2016

Sisters together - the last few weeks around here

We walked up to Target during their Pokemon ball stage and Taryn LOVED it. She wanted me to take a picture so we could send it to Tyson. Taryn and Tyson love playing Pokemon Go. They've played caught less in the past few weeks, but Taryn will still ask about Pokemon Go every once and awhile. 

There she goes on the balance beam and dismounting! 
Taryn is amazing at sports. She is super athletic. Anything that she touches she excels in when it comes to sports. 

Taryn loves to find my phone and take pictures around the house of toys, rooms, and of the family. 

I love how Haddie is so happy to pose for Taryn, jumping on command so her sister could get a good photo :)

And then there are these selfie's Taryn took! Hahaha- that's a pretty great Duck Face she has going on there. 

Sleeping while Taryn does gymnastics.

These girls play hard!
 Haddie doesn't make it through picking up Taryn without falling asleep and Taryn is struggling with the long days of Kindergarten. Sometimes the girls crash in the car on the way home from school. I'm not sure that anything will help but giving it time, but I feel for their tired little bodies. Sometimes I wish Haddie would still nap in the afternoons (and I wish I could nap too!) 
The other night I was sitting on the kitchen floor with both girls crying in my lap. One of them had taken popcorn away from the other, there was someone who hit the other on the arm and there were tears everywhere. I knew the girls were completely exhausted so I just sat down and held both of them (after each had said sorry to one another) It was a hard, long day for both of them and they had had it right before bed time. 

Meeting up with Tyson on his way home from work is one of mine and the girls favorite times of the day. It falls right when we all get antsy, when we need a breathe of fresh air and a change of scenery. We pass this park on our way to meet him and sometimes we decide to get our wiggles out by running around on the grass until we spy Daddy. 
I will never get tired of all that green! 

Since Taryn started Kindergarten, the girls have been playing better together. I think they realize how little time they have together and they are anxious to start their days (bright and early) with playing. One of the first questions out of Haddie's mouth in the morning besides "Can I have milk?!" is "Can we play ponies?!" It's hard to have to say, "After you get dressed, make your bed and have breakfast etc..." because I know that Taryn will be going to school and she so badly wants to be with her sister! I love those moments that I find them playing so nicely together. It makes those moments of fighting seem a lot less.

I feel like we've started on the next generation of Parks & playdates with all my friends who just sent off their Kindergartners. Haddie looks so old to me now as she plays with her friends and it feels weird not to have Taryn there with us. Taryn is definitely missing seeing her best friends throughout the week. Playdates are hard because our school gets out at almost 4pm and everyone is involved with their own after school activities. Then there is dinner, baths and bedtimes. The day goes by so fast!

Chocolate milk mustache :)

I watch 5 kids under 3 a few weeks ago. It was a little touch and go as I tried putting multiple children down for naps but once all was done, the house was so nice and quiet! Haddie loves her little friend Madison. With the storm trooper masks on, They kept calling each other Darth Vader no matter how many times I corrected them. 

"Hi, my name is Cookie Soup and I'm making dee-wish-isa tup takes!" (delicious cupcakes) 
I couldn't help but giggle when Haddie came up to me in the kitchen and said that sentence. She's got a fun imagination and doesn't mind playing with herself. I love hearing her little voice talking to her barbie dolls, pocket puppies or ponies. 

We ran into our friends the Lowery's while apple picking over Labor Day weekend. It's never ending smiles when these three are together! Such a fun photo that captures their pure happiness. 

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