Thursday, June 18, 2015

When my younger sister came to visit

My sister Mackenzie, who is 18 months younger than me, came to Washington D.C. for a quirky visit to see her brother-in-law Richard graduate from Georgetown University. Kinda crazy that at their wedding just a bit ago, we were seated at the table with Richard and found out he lived right down the street from us in Crystal City- like 5 houses down! 

Meeting baby Margot for the first time! Hadleigh has mastered her baby cousins name and says it with her head slightly tilted, in the most adorable voice. Such sweetness! I'm glad Hadleigh has cousins close in age to her.

Uncle Ben and Taryn. They are both deep lovers of cats!

We got such an amazing view of the Pandas!!!! We were almost the only ones in the viewing room!

We saw the tigers and lions and loved them the most this trip. 

These sillies pull the best faces, and also have the hardest time looking at the camera!!

Sweet cousins! 13 months apart
It was great to see Mackenzie in our neck of the woods and we're so happy they will be moving to North Carolina soon! More Scott girls on the East Coast, please! 

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