Friday, June 12, 2015

Hadleigh & Taryn- 2012/2015 and some quotes/phrases they like to say

Taryn 2012

Hadleigh 2015 (With Taryn in the background)

"Are you ever seen a flying squirrel before Mom?"

"Do I sound like Darf Bador?" (making a funny breathing sound)

"Wow Mom! That's enormous!"

Taryn asked Tyson one night at bed time, "Dad, do you sometimes watch movies after I go to sleep?" Tyson said, "Ya, sometimes we do. " Taryn then said, "So you don't go to sleep?!!" Tyson- "Ya, just a bit later though. " It reminded me of that one Full House episode where Michelle is convinced that everyone stays up and parties. The one time she actually stays up, there is a bunny, a clown, candy etc…that come by! Hilarious!

"I did it!"
"Tee Tee, wawh ahwer ooh?" (she calls Taryn, "Tee Tee")
"Atch is" -Watch this
"un moor" one more
"peease!!!!" (While doing a little pouty face and signing "please")
"Hold you?!" (Means- pick me up, Mom!)
"wha see, wha see!" (I want to see!"
"Bahh tee" Blanket

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