Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Fun pictures from the past few weeks

Trampolines and sprinklers! One of my favorite combinations as a kid!

Enjoying the view of the trampoline/sprinkler fun

She ALMOST fell totally asleep like this

When I'm cooking dinner, the girls are usually in the (interestingly designed) cupboard rearranging my spices

Just a break for play at the park

It's a rare moment where I catch this one sitting still and resting (hair half falling out from when her Aunt Kenzie french braided her hair)

Jumping- there we go- that's more like Taryn :)

Hot and humid days but it's just too fun not to play outside! Good thing Hadleigh LOVES her little pink hat and insists on wearing it. Yay!

She found our church bag and opening the markers. Thankfully, she was the only victim. 

Hadleigh thought Tyson's work gloves were the greatest when we were doing yard work

How do you keep your kids from wandering into the street to collect rocks while you are gardening and Tyson is gone? find the biggest worms you can and plop them in the shade and dirt. Give the girls shovels and there you go! Entertainment for hours!

Playdough hearts. Taryn said she made them for me!

I love Watermelon season!!!

Sisterly love

This butterfly entertained the girls for a good 10 minutes. When it landed on Hadleigh's head, it reminded me of Grandma Smith and how she says "If a butterfly crosses you, it's good lucky. "

Playing with friends - Taryn was loves little Madison

When you find a puddle, my first reaction is to stick my head in too.

National Donut day should be every Friday 

Coloring during Sacrament meeting on Sunday

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