Thursday, April 9, 2015

Our little dare devil

Hadleigh and Taryn love the tire swing by our new place (more on our crazy fast move soon!) We've been to the park several times before, but now it will become our walking- go to park which is great!
Hadleigh has grown up so much. She loves to swing on the big girl swing (although she still wants me to hold her :/ ) and she has mastered swinging by herself on the tire swing. She is one determined little chica! 
We're working on having Taryn master the self pump on the swings. I'm sure it will be fast in coming now that I have to keep a closer eye on our little dare devil Hadleigh. The other day Hadleigh walked up to the biggest, fastest slide at the park (The one behind Target, for my own record) and launched herself off. I admit, I was telling her "Stop Hadleigh!" as I ran as fast as I could to her, thinking it would end badly. Of course, she was perfectly fine and even tired to go several more times. She is one brave girl and I don't know if her mama is ready for that yet- but I guess I have to be :)

Our friends Mabel and Cora came to play a few weeks ago and the girls loved their little playmates at the park (right behind our old apartment.) Both sets are around each others age so it's always fun to get together with them. 

This is the first time that Hadleigh has been able to fully appreciate a good shovel and bucket and man is she just loving it! She is intensely focused at making sure the sand gets into the bucket. Tiny shovel full by tiny shovel full, that bucket will get full! She's more than happy to have Taryn's help too. 

Loving all things dirt related now a days!

Enjoying all the sunshine and warm weather!!! We love Spring!

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