Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Cherry Blossoms! This year was the best!

This year, we hit the Cherry blossoms at the perfect time!!! I felt like the past 2 times we've tried, we've done ok (a little too early, then Tyson wasn't with us) but this year we really went all out and soaked in everything outside and Cherry blossom! It was glorious! We had to brave through crazy traffic but thankfully, everyone in our little family was extra patient that weekend because we sailed through without any meltdowns! Amazing!!!

The view was amazing, uplifting, and stunning. 

We had a picnic with friends at Haines Point on Saturday. The kids roamed around the play structures and munched on snacks while the adults sat on blankets and talked. It was the perfect temperature to be outside and not worry about our super sensitive skin and the sun.  We still had on plenty of sunblock, but we didn't roast which was great.

Taryn has turned a new leaf in caring for Hadleigh. She even tries to help her eat food at meal time though Hadleigh is perfectly capable of handling her utensils. But Hadleigh loves it, so we're happy it's happening.

I love this picture of Taryn. We took a walk around the peninsula that is Haines Point and looked for ducks in the water. Taryn put on Tyson's ASU hat and chomped on that apple almost the whole time. Such a peaceful, fun memory to have of her.

Our friend Stepahnie snapped a few family photos for us and captured almost the whole group. Hadleigh is hidden in my lap. I tired to lift her up at the last second when some instant seat arrangements were made but I didn't get her up in time to show her shinning face. So Tyson says I should just say she was napping in the stroller ;)

Taryn plays hard. Always. Just look at her knees! I can't keep pants hole- less for more than a few weeks! Good thing the weather is warmer so I can turn all her pants that have holes in them into cute shorts! Woohoo! Mommy win for sure!

Flat Stanely joined us at the Tidal Basin on the following Monday- peak Cherry blossom bloom. Tyson took his big Customs Broker test that day so he had off of work. We picked him up with a picnic in tow and braved the traffic once again to see the Cherry Blossoms. It was so worth it, again! Different views and a great way to spend Family time together. 

Always on that scooter!

These three are the best!

My view of a perfect day. 

Hadleigh munched on her apple as we stroller along the Tidal Basin, just loving life and the fact that she was lucky enough that she didn't have to walk all that way from the car!!!


My sister Brittany & her husband took an extended lunch break and met us at the Tidal Basin so we could take some quick Cherry Blossom Maternity shots for her. So, we got in a few too. Though by this time we had already walked a lot and played a bunch so the girls were warn out.  

Matchy stripes

My favorite knotted Cherry Blossom tree. So much character!

And my favorite 18 month old.

That weekend (a 3 day one for us) is going down in history as one of the most beautiful, smooth sailing weekends we've ever had. I love soaking up everything around this area!

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