Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Those seals love to play!

There is so much I want to share on our little blog! I'm trying to keep it updated because it's so fun for me to share our little daily happenings with you! So, though I am playing catch up, here is a little about our time a the zoo last month!

So though it feels like we've done it all here, we seem to always find new things! (Really- there is a TON we have yet to do!) Like the Amazon exhibit at the zoo. I thought the Baltimore aquarium was the only place near by that housed such big fish! It was incredible. Although it was almost 60 degrees in January, it still felt a bit too chilly so being inside this tropical environment felt perfect! 

Most of the animals were out playing in the wonderful weather. It was a real treat to see so many. These seals were loving the girls right by the glass. Taryn loved it and it completely freaked out Hadleigh any time they swam by. I think they were showing off for us :)

This is how I see Taryn almost everyday. Drinking tons and tons of water, sandwich in hand, taking a brief rest from her activities. It's not very often that this girl sits still, and when she does it's only for a quick second. 

These two silly monkeys! 

So we played hookie from preschool so we could get out and enjoy our last day at the zoo with our free Zoo pass our friends gave us. It expired Jan. 31st so we were happy the weather warmed up enough for us to enjoy one more winter zoo trip.  It was such a perk to have because with the zoo pass you can park for free. Otherwise, riding the metro takes almost an hour one way. And I don't have a double stroller so Taryn usually melts right after getting to the zoo. Driving to the zoo takes only about 15 minutes and so I may consider getting a zoo pass for our family this year because I know we will use it up! Right after this trip, the girls got sick (actually, I think Hadleigh was sick in this picture) so we were so happy we made the choice to get out and enjoy our time outside for the last "warm" time in awhile. 

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