Monday, February 9, 2015

Little Olympians class for Taryn

Taryn started a Little Olympians class a few weeks ago with all her little friends. We were excited that she would be able to have more time to play with them and also, she LOVES sports so this was such a perfect fit for her. Taryn is super coordinated and FAST! So far, she has played soccer and t-ball. We've heard they will be learning lacrosse (!!) too. ON the day for t-ball, she lined up behind her "T" so she could hit her ball. She waited ever so patiently until the coach said, "Ok- start hitting!" She hit her first one right on! And then ran to her coach and said, "Please can I try again?!" She still had about 10 balls left to go through waiting at her feet! The coach smiled and said, "Yes! Hit all those balls by your "T"!" 
Such a sweet girl she is! 
It's a super bonus that the little olympians takes place RIGHT across from our house, like I can see it from my window. It makes getting there and back a breeze! Now hopefully we can get into the preschool that's across the street in the same facility so that next year we can have another easy activity to get to!
Sometimes these activities are a little like herding cats, but even that part is extremely fun to watch! :)

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