Wednesday, June 25, 2014


I love that our bathroom is always full of damp towels and bathing suits, that Taryn was an amazing sandal tan, fruit is everywhere and it all looks so good, that the days are longer and the sun is up later.

We are in full summer mode here with lots of pool time, splash pad visits, watermelon, and my personal favorite this year- popsicles! I'm just excited that we can make and store these ice cold wonders in our freezer and pull them out after a swim. Because if summer isn't wet from the pool and sticky from fresh fruits and popsicles, then what is it?

When Taryn discovered that we have access to our apartment complex pool, she was ecstatic! Just try getting that girl out of the pool, ever. It's near impossible. I love when we come back from the pool after lunch, I can find Taryn sprawled out on the floor fast asleep.

We spotted fireflies a few weeks ago and spent the last few hours of daylight trying to catch them in our backyard. I'm not so happy that as of a few days ago, mosquitos are back and ready to drink my sweet blood. I mean, I had to jump into the pool while talking with friends just to get them to stop attacking me! How is it that I can attract these awful little buggers so much. I promise, Mr. Mosquito, my blood isn't that great!

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