Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A week at Lake Powell

At the end of May, we celebrated my great uncle Kay's 90th birthday. I think it had been about 10 years at least since I had physically seen my mom's side of the family. We were so happy we could attend and be apart of such a great memory. After the celebration, we headed to Lake Powell for a Scott Family Reunion. The lake has been a major part of both my life and Tyson's. I am SO incredibly grateful that Tyson grew up going to Lake Powell because it's always an easy "YES!" when asked if we will be in attendance. We love the memories, the beauty, family time, and being active in the water. I love so much that we've been sharing these moments with our girls while they are young. 

Taryn completely surprised Tyson and I when we asked her if she wanted to try water skiing this trip. She was in the ski boat with her cousins and she said, "Ok!" and jumped right up to get in the water! I was so proud of her courage & so glad that her cousins showed her how easy and not scary it could be. This girl was so very brave! 

It's these moments that I love to catch. Even though Hadleigh is a mama's girl and is deep in the "stranger danger" phase, she can have her sweet moments of enjoying life while in family member's hands.

The older girl cousins headed out on the paddle board together. I remember looking over and thinking, "Oh my goodness! There they go!" They all seem so grown up.

A day on the Lake is never complete without a little treat. 

If I have a moment to pass Hadleigh on, I will take it. Sometimes I think, "Oh, I don't want to burden someone else by making them hold my baby." I often get caught up in the moment when people say, "Can I help you by holding her?" by responding, "oh it's ok…." because I don't want to inconvenience someone (I know- I don't understand my logic either!!!!)
 I'm trying to remember that these sweet baby stages go by fast and those around me want to enjoy her "little"ness too. And that it's good for me and her to let her be held by others. 

She's not one for solids, but yogurt was a hit. She gets it from her Daddy. These two smiling just melt my heart. Love them so much

I think she had Lake Powell in her blood. She loved the water, the boats, and experiencing everything. 3 year olds are so much fun! (if they don't fight you when you're trying to put on sun screen!)

Those dramatic red rocks and beautiful water. It's an amazing scene to behold each day.

I LOVE this picture. Here is a bunch of grown adults not knowing what's in store for them. Let's just say they drank a lot of Lake a few minutes after this was taken :)

Boat buddies Taryn & Jacob

 I know that baby life jackets keep them safe but man are they buggy! I think the only time my kids have not been crying in them is when they fall asleep to the sounds of the ski boat. At that time they provide a great sleeping pillow :)

Dressed in pink from head to toe

When they weather is warm, you have sensitive skin and the water is still too cold for a baby's liking, you spend a lot of time in just your diaper on the boat :)

Cameron & Jana put on a great bonfire complete with songs, poems, s'mores, and campfire apple pies.

Grandma and Grandpa gave the grandkids these fun finger lights. Each kid loved them and somehow we ended up coming home with a least a dozen!

Because Hadleigh is still so little, Tyson and I switched off watching her on the boat while she napped etc.. and playing in the water with Taryn. That meant we often missed a photo op of each other wake boarding, solum skiing, banana boating, jet skiing and paddle boarding. So until I can grab some photos of Tys, these are the only ones I have on my camera.

Being on the lake with family is great. Sleeping under the stars on the roof of the houseboat, eating (way to much) great food, and catching up with family. We love these fun memories (and even how sore we are after the week is done!)

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  1. You guys look so happy in these pictures! I love that I can still feel connected to you guys even though we live on different coasts :)