Sunday, May 26, 2013

Pictures!!!! I now have pictures!!!! When my parents came to visit for the weekend

I can't tell you how long these past few months have seemed without a camera. I was so sad because I felt like Taryn really grew a lot! She is super tall now and her hair (thanks to the humidity) is just amazing!

Hey pretty blue eyed girl

My parents came down for a very quick trip last weekend and we were so happy to have them. Taryn was so happy to show "Bamma" and "Bampa" her baby robbin eggs in our backyard. Those cute little eggs hatched and we now have 4 baby robbins in a nest that Taryn constantly checks on daily.

We spent time with Brittany and Seth and my parents on Sunday and on Monday I was able to show my parents to the Library of Congress. I had been there so many times for Story Time with Taryn in the past but had never seen the upstairs of the Thomas Jefferson Building. It was amazing and brought me back to my days of studying Art History in Italy. 

Such a curious little girl

Taryn and I picked a bench inside the Great Hall to enjoy a snack together. 

I promise that Taryn was so excited every time we were able to ride an escalator with "Bamma" and "Bampa" (even though her face doesn't show it in the picture!) Taryn would run up and hold hands with my Dad, my mom, or me as she took her other hand to hold onto the railing. Her favorite part was jumping with Grandpa at the end of the ride. She was in heaven considering that she just starting riding escalators senza stroller. So many fun adventures! She is getting too big!

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