Monday, December 6, 2010

Tempe Annual Art Festival

Every year Tempe holds an Art Festival with tons and tons of amazing art, jewelery, and people to look at. I say people because half the time I was people watching and the other half I was looking at babies in strollers.

This was amazing. It rotates with the wind and turns every which way. I loved the comment I heard as I stared at it. The lady said, "But does it go inside your house or in the yard?" Exactly what I was thinking.
It was Tyson's idea to venture out to the art festival early on Saturday morning and I am so glad he happened to mention it! About 5 minutes before we went to bed on Friday he said it was going on the next morning so we quickly figured out parking/bus transport etc... and made it a date!
I think we were about the only people going against the crowd the whole time. We even tried switching directions with each street. How is that even possible?!?!
This was a highlight. He was a riot and really knew how to get the crowds' attention. Some people have great skills...

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  1. Sounds fun and reminds me of the art festival we went to in Laguna Beach a few years back!