Sunday, December 12, 2010

How it all started...

First- you have to know that Tys and I had been talking about decorating our little apartment on Dec. 5th- the first Monday of the month because it wasn't going to be too busy of a day for us. We had the Christmas music going and I headed to our storage closet just outside our front door to pull out our decorations.

It was dark. I was having trouble getting the key in the door knob. I thought I had the wrong key. So I tried 3 more keys. No luck. Tyson came to try. Got the right key in the knob (because he is superman) and turned the key.


The key broke. The door was still locked. And all our decorations were in that storage closet. Shock and disappointment. Called the head office to have maintenance fix it.

One Week later...( with phone calls to double check they were still coming)

No maintenance men. No new key. No Christmas decorations. Sad Smiths.
Tys had a conversation with one of the couples in our ward that lives 3 doors down. The guy says the apartment key works for the door too. Really??!!?? Said Tys and I. (half way not believing because why else would they give us a storage room key if the apartment key can do the same thing.)

It worked. Hallelujah. We dropped everything and decorated. Christmas music back on. So excited to have it really feel like Christmas in our apartment.

We placed all our ornaments on the tree. Including the "Our First Christmas" ornament from last year (thank you Merrill's!) and our cameo ornament made from one of our pictures (thanks Jen&Tyson!)
I really like our lil' tree. It was our first one. It's small enough to fit anywhere and it's colorful!
Loved that the night ended with just the glow of the Christmas tree and music playing. We were so stoked to have our decorations up finally!

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