Monday, December 20, 2010

"Man Party"

This is the only picture I have of the events from this weekend!
(Cortney, Sandy & baby Tyson, and my Tyson at Devin's wedding reception)

Tyson went a "Man Party." One of his friends from high school got married this past weekend and the night before, (Friday) a bunch of buddies from the high school days got together. They watched the Phoenix Suns game, ate food, and lit firecrackers in the canals (because now they are legal). Tyson had a lot of fun!
Saturday was the wedding and I was so sad I couldn't go. (Work) I wish I could have met all of his friends. They are all back for the holidays now and I don't know when the next time they will all be together again.
One of Tyson's good friends had a ASU Graduation party this weekend too. I was looking at all the decorating and taking in the ideas for Tyson next semester.
**I drove past ASU campus on Friday (graduation day for winter semester) and starting crying. I saw everyone in caps and gowns and I thought of Tyson and how hard he has worked and how excited I am for him to graduate in May! He is brillant**
I thought it was fun that there was a Girls Night out and Man Party for this week!

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