Sunday, March 4, 2018

The Smiths Leaf Peeping at Shenandoah Dark Hallow Falls!

Let me just start off saying how much I love that man right there. He knows how to adventure, pick the best road trip music, pick the best scenic route and pull over to gaze at breathtaking sights. I love him. 

We headed up to Shenandoah to do the skyline drive. It was stunning!!!!! 
Had we gone a few days earlier, it would have been the peak but I can say going when we did was still amazing! We are leaf peepers now! 

Our girls are getting better and better at adventure taking. We no longer take the stroller with us, we still pack a ton of snacks, but I can say that our girls hardly complain (if at all) when we head out and I love that. I know we have so many adventures ahead in life and I feel like we've laid the ground work for some beautiful moments in the future. We've already had so many great ones. 

Love them!

Those colors!!

Made it to Dark Hallow Falls and it was gorgeous! 
It was also freezing! I was wearing a long sleeved shirt, a vest, a running jacket and a winter coat. The girls were layered up well and we made it through! 

We happened to arrive at the Falls just before another family so we had someone to take a family photo for us. I would have totally set up my phone and done a timer, but this way was SO much easier! 

My lover boy. 

Just gazing from the car at all the beauty this world has to offer. Also, the wind was blowing really hard and cold at this point so we were happy to have an inside view. 

Tys and I were cracking up when we saw another guy down the road posing like this. So on our next stop, this was the first thing Tyson did. I can't believe this photo didn't come out blurry, I was laughing so much :)

Just look at those colors!!! I was gasping with every turn we took. The colors were so vibrant and brilliant. 

Winding roads and autumn colors. 

Gosh, these girls! I'm trying to take my DSLR Cannon camera out more. These photos are some of my favorites of my cute girls. 

We've been to Shenandoah several times now and I have loved going each time. even when we saw a bear running parallel to us! It is an amazing place and a gem of the world. We feel pretty lucky that we can easily make this a weekend adventure. 

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