Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Living next to the Mellings- soaking up our time with them!

I've been lucky enough to have my sister living 15 minutes away from me in Alexandria. It made for great times with our kids playing at the zoo, at our homes, parks and splash pads!

We held a family home evening together before Thanksgiving to express all that we are thankful for. We made "giving trees" and had the kids come up with drawings (or words for Tarn) too. 
We're thankful we had 5 year with the Mellings (a short of that being before they were married) living close by. 

They are now in California because of a new job. I'm thankful for the close relationship my kids were able to develop with their cousins. From feeding them bottles when just weeks old to chasing them around the house, they have loved their time together! 

In the last few weeks before their big move, we got to babysit Cora and Braden so they wouldn't be in the way of all the packing and heavy boxes. We took special trips to the park and walks around the neighborhood.

I love this picture of Cora and Taryn!

We will miss living so close to family but we consider ourselves  lucky to have had family so close to us for so long. Especially since this is the East Coast and the majority of my side of the family lives on the complete opposite West Coast!

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