Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Finishing up 2016

Haddie gets embarrassed with lots of attention on her and always sticks her tongue out or in the side of her mouth. This was the only picture I got without her tongue out :)

All that sass!

Haddie completed her first gymnastics class with her little friend Olivia. She started off this term calling it "jew-nastics" and all throughout she kept me laughing. I love this age! 

I came home to an empty home from a morning of various drop offs. I was the only one home and I passed by our kitchen table. It was evidence of a busy morning- hair brushes & bows, cereal, water cups, spoons and school papers. I really loved it. It means our house is busy and I love that. 

Taryn completed her gymnastics class as well. This was the first time she performed before getting her medal. She does so well with gymnastics. It's really fun to see her excelling at all that is asked of her. Taryn's cartwheel is amazing! 

Lately Haddie has been taking this little Owl suitcase to school pick up. I'm not sure why but she loves it. She won't even play on the playground because she doesn't want to leave it behind. And that dress up skirt is a constant around our home. 

We have had some super chilly days so indoor activities are the best for us. This was the Gulf Branch Nature Center. 

Over Christmas I found these two snuggling on the couch while at the Temple Visitors center. I love how big Taryn seems and how Haddie is completely attached to her big sister. <3

And to wrap up all that was 2016, I give you Princess Belle and her entourage :)

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